How thick should I buy my engineered wood flooring?

If you’ve watched “You’ve Been Framed” or “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, you may remember laughing as a pogo stick disappeared through a floor. If it happens to your own floor, however, it might not be so funny.

Engineered wood is a fantastic product that makes creating beautiful and functional floors easier and cheaper for DIY enthusiasts and building professionals alike. It can look and feel exactly like real timber or something entirely new if you prefer. Laminate flooring tiles are a form of engineered wood, or it is available in “plank” forms.

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Most people are aware that in areas prone to flooding, such as bathrooms or near washing machines, you need specially treated boards. Otherwise, it is a remarkably reliable solution as a replacement floor or a floating floor over old and uneven subfloors.

It ranges from 7mm to 23mm thick. Heavier boards are more expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re always better; it depends on the other choices. There is little point in laying heavy boards over a stable subfloor in a bedroom where traffic will be light.

Under-floor heating

A thinner board warms up more quickly. Assuming you are laying boards directly onto joists, a thickness of 15mm is about right. Check that your joists are no more than 450mm from centre to centre. You can add extra bracing between joists to make thin floors safer.

Heavy traffic

To be honest, a fat man on a pogo stick isn’t a fair test for any floor, but 18mm thick boards set directly onto joists should be safe under normal circumstances. When boards are laid flat onto an existing subfloor, 10mm will do, but there are other considerations.

Thicker board usually has a thicker top layer, which means you can sand the floor down to renovate it more times. This extends the lifetime several times – an 18mm board should sand seven times – so in heavy traffic areas, the thicker, the better.

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Noise penetration to rooms beneath or adjoining the room is another consideration. Instead of merely increasing board thickness, consider an acoustic underlay. A specialist flooring company will be happy to advise; try sites like There is also advice on sound-proofing floors online.Choosing boards the same thickness as a floor you’ve just removed will save you from adjusting skirting, thresholds and door mouldings.… Read More..

What to Gift Your Brother If He is A Traveler?

Saint Augustine said it long ago, “The whole world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. It is a true statement. Travelers are way different than the rest of the people because they never have much stuff to show, but, yes, always carry a bag full of adventure stories to share with people. In case your brother is a traveler by nature, these are the gifts that you can shower on him on any happy occasion.

Backpack: This is the first and foremost essential thing a traveler would require. Travelers don’t mind having more than 1 or 2 backpacks. And therefore, you can get him another backpack of good measurement as a gift on his upcoming birthday. Look out for international brands like Deuteur, REI Vagabond, or Tortuga Out breaker, etc.

Waterproof Loafers: Swanky shoes cannot be a proper companion while someone wants to trot the world for adventure – right? A waterproof loafers would be a great choice. You never know what the landscape of an unknown or unpredictable place holds for your – right? So, being safe is always good. They are comfortable and comes with a water-proof layering and thus it is a favored kind of gift. Swims is a good brand in this case.

Folding Tent: Sleeping is necessary when you are out there for some adventure because sleeping would keep you motivated for the next day. For this sleeping purpose a nice and spacious folding tent would, be a great gift option for your brother. He can use it when he is out for some adventure trekking or mountaineering. You can keep this one for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Along with a rakhi to California, you can get this folding tent to surprise your brother in an interesting way.

Portable Coffee Maker: Coffee is an energizer and we all need it to some extent to keep ourselves awake and alert. But while you are traveling, it is not always possible to get a brewing cup of coffee whenever you want. So, to solve this problem, you can get a portable coffee maker for your brother. Aeropress is highly favored by users as that gives you a coffee shop kind of great coffee and also the fact that no batteries are required to run it.

Camera Bag: Like all travelers, your brother must also have the DSLR Camera. A nice camera bag that provides security and safety to the camera and its lenses would be a favored rakhi gifts for brother in USA. He is simply going love this essential gift.

The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux: This is an interesting book where the writer goes into an investigation of the secret lives of the famous travel writers. For example, did Kipling ever drink any bad or infectious water while crouching in the jungle? Your brother would enjoy the book for sure.… Read More..

Check Out the Beautiful Flowers for a Perfect Gift

It does not matter whether the occasion is big or small, a public gathering or a private ceremony, a gift is the inseparable part of any event. No doubt, people have multiple options when it comes to sending gifts to their loved ones but the fragrance, beauty and creativity offered by the flowers make them an ideal gift choice.

If you want to cheer up your recipient with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, here are the various flowers that can be considered by you while sending a flower bouquet or floral arrangement from a florist shop to your special ones.

Roses- It is one of the most popular flowers that are widely appreciated by the people around the world. It is available in a multitude of colours such as red, pink, purple, yellow, white, orange and other such vibrant colours. It is a symbol of love, romance and happiness that is a perfect flower to express your feelings and emotions to your loved ones. You can gift these elegant flowers to your girlfriend, wife and other such loved ones to make them feel special and extraordinary.

Lilies- This is another amazing flower which has grasped all the attention of the people towards them due to their flawless beauty and fragrance. It is a symbol of purity and innocence which can be an ideal constituent in a flower bouquet for your special ones who deserve a unique place in your heart. You can gift this mesmerising bouquet of flowers to your loving mother who has always been your support system since the time of your birth. Purchase a bunch of beautiful lilies from a florist shop and gift it to your mom on the occasion of mother’s day.

Sunflowers- These yellow smiling flowers are a great choice for people who are mostly in a jovial or “happy go lucky” state of mind. Sunflowers represent cheerfulness and happiness which makes them a superb gift choice while sending a flower bouquet to your loved ones. It has a special characteristic of responding according to the movement of the sun for absorbing maximum sunlight.

Tulips- The beauty of the tulips can easily give a tough fight to the roses. It is a rare combination of beauty and sophistication. The beautiful flower comes in a number of vibrant colours and is a perfect blend of elegance and luxury. You can pair them with other flowers and can order a mind blowing flower bouquet through an online florist shop for your loved ones in a coherent manner.

Hydrangeas- If you are a firm believer of innovation and creativity, this amazing flower is a wonderful choice for you. Its beauty can add a fresh touch to any bouquet of flowers and make it a priceless possession for your special ones. You can gift them on the occasion of a birthday, marriage anniversary, farewell party and a host of other such events to make a strong impact on the recipient.         

So, choose fresh and fragrant flowers for … Read More..

5 Steps to Affordable Home Decor!

Decorating a home is never an easy task especially when you intend to do it as per your heart’s desire. Sometimes, our budget constraints restrict us from following the latest trends and sometimes we tend to confuse ourselves with so many choices in hand that we end up buying the wrong ones or the ones that we don’t require.

Home decor is a never ending process. You keep on replacing the old stuff with the new and updated ones as the trends keep on changing with time. Sometimes, the old trends come back in fashion and people endorse them really well.

However, if you are unable to keep a track of the latest developments and trends in the interior designing sector; there are a few constants about home décor which will never go out of style. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for those constants instead of following the bandwagon especially when you have to keep a check on your finances at the same time.

If you are one of those people who think that affordable home décor is a myth; chances are that you may be missing out on some of the basic tips about decorating your home in an economical way. Here are top 5 steps to guide you through affordable home décor techniques.

1. Polished Furniture:

Furniture defines a home. If you don’t have nice furniture; your home décor will always display an incomplete ambiance. Generally, furnishing items are considered to be an expensive purchase since they don’t come cheap.

However, you can always buy them from old furniture markets or just get them polished after every 4 years to make them look brand new all the time, thus saving the cost as well.

2. All-White Decor:

Elegant and ever gorgeous, an all-white home décor might be a bit expensive the first time you will purchase and arrange it but once done; it will never let you down.

Whether you apply white décor in your living room or in your bedroom; it will always give a very stylish look to the entire ambiance of your home.

3. Unique Beddings:

If you are looking to upgrade the overall décor of your bedroom without making much effort about it then adding funky colored beddings should be your ultimate priority.

Go for non-traditional colors in bed spreads for instance teal bed sets with matching comforters and fluffy cushions to make your bedroom look great in no time.

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4. Trendy Kitchen Decor:

By adding the right kind of decorative accessories to your kitchen; you can completely transform into a modern and up-to-date spot in your home.

Ranging from cooking ware to cutlery, from cabinet colors to wall art and from everyday accessories to delicate items; everything that you will add to your kitchen décor will go a long way.

5. Wall Art:

Adding the right kind of wall art to your home décor can be a bit tricky at times. Since, wall … Read More..

Various Floors and Kinds

Here are some types of floor with various characteristics that are often used in most homes:

  1. Floor Plaster

This type is considered the simplest and cheapest, because it is treated like when plastering the walls and mix until smooth. But the difference with the treatment on the wall is done step polishing the floor until smooth and shiny. The resulting color is the same as the cement-sand color and tends to be darker.

In some applications that are done by covering the area of space, has a weakness when the crack occurs can not be replaced with the material and must be patched. Do you Want to see more floor? you can visit Reclaimed Wall Cladding

  1. Ceramic Floor

This type of floor is very commonly used. Ceramics have high wear flexibility and can be applied to almost all parts of the house. In addition to strong, ceramic floor of the house also does not require polishing and easy to maintain. The impression of ceramic material is warm. Today a variety of ceramic textures are sold on the market, which are visually similar to other types of materials. For example: ceramic textured marble, granite, wood, stone, brick and so on.

  1. Marble Floor

Marble is much preferred because it has more character and classy luxury. Irregular textures and patterns and limited natural supplies make this material expensive. Marble material has a cold and strong impression. The weakness of marble is to have relatively large pores. Marble that is relatively large pore requires extra care. This is because the marble easily absorbs fluid and carpet-like, leaving a stain if not quickly cleaned.

  1. Granite Floor

Granite has a closer pore, so it has less possibility to enter water and dirt. Granite has the impression of cold and sturdy impression. Granite rocks are obtained from hills or granite mountains. But in line with the development of technology, now also has provided artificial granite with a motif that is more diverse and cheaper price.

  1. Wooden Floor

The most common is parquet floor (parquette), which comes from the word parquetry. Wood material has a warm and natural impression. In addition to solid wood, the current parquet material also comes from non-wood materials such as bamboo. Another type of laminate that is wood processed surface is the result of printing.… Read More..