Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The bathroom and the kitchen in any house are critical to update if you are trying to sell your home or flip an investment house.  Of the bathroom or the kitchen, the kitchen upgrades are most likely to leave the best first impression when others are looking to buy your home.  Additionally when visiting, my family seems to gravitate to the kitchen as I imagine happens in most families.  The kitchen is where “it’s happening” and where enjoyment of your surroundings is most important. 

In the kitchen, the obvious upgrades include new cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint and depending on the circumstances, maybe new appliances.  The traditional appliance approach would include refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven and built in microwave oven.  There are some important trends in society that may point to consideration of another class of under counter appliances, besides trash compactors and dishwashers, which will quickly present an air of sophistication to your remodel. 

Consider the fact that wine is becoming an ever-increasing favorite of many people.  With over 1000 different wine varieties, the choices, which one has, seem nearly infinite. Many sources even tout the health benefits of drinking wine, in moderation of course.  It is time to ramp up and modernize our approach to the old-fashion kitchen remodel. 

Today’s market place has a wide variety of quality products that will fit under counter remodel situations.  Three of those product categories focus on the current society trends in wine and beverage cooling needs.  Those categories include wine coolers, beverage coolers and icemakers.  Imagine a newly remodeled kitchen that can accommodate, in a standard 15 or 24-inch base cabinet space, a new wine or beverage cooler to fit your needs.  You should also be able to imagine never running out of ice again even if your refrigerators ice machine jams, as it always seems to do. 

Under counter appliances do cost slightly more that free standing ones, because they require front-vented cooling systems.  However, the efficient use of floor space more than compensates for the higher cost.  Generally, you will find quality under counter wine coolers, beverage centers and ice makers for approximately $350 to $1000 depending on what “bells and whistles” you want to incorporate.  Products are also available that are pantry size built in uprights that can accommodate over 160 bottles of wine or a combination of wine bottles and beverage cans.  These larger products will often cost from $1000 to $2000, also depending on the features you select. 

Using a more up to date idea for kitchen remodeling will give your home a new and unique décor that you can be proud of and enjoy.  The sophisticated look to your new kitchen will make your home a showcase that will attract new buyers, because of your unique kitchen appliances. 

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Getting an Experienced Contractor to Remodel Your Kitchen

Planning a kitchen remodeling project can either be exciting or a total drag. Sometimes it could even be both. First you have to decide on the budget. Then you make a list of the things you want changed. And then you have to think about who will do the remodeling.

Those who are handy with tools can certainly do the job themselves. The only problem with this is time. Depending on the urgency of the remodel, the timetable is either short or stretchable.

Stretching the timetable or leaving it open-ended means that the usual kitchen chores get disrupted. It is certainly more difficult to get any preparation or cooking done when there are tools, ladders or cans of paint scattered around. Then there may also be the irritating stench of paint removing solvents or other chemicals that linger within the area.

If you have a day job or attend to other more pressing chores, then the thought of doing it yourself may have to be put aside. You may have to hand the job over to a contractor.

Hiring a contractor certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are four reasons why hiring a contractor may be a good idea:

  1. One major advantage is your investment in time. As in the scenario above, getting a contractor to do the job will certainly give you more time to do other things related to the project. Whether you decided to remodel the kitchen yourself in the first place or not, a professional is more likely to cut down the time in finishing the project probably by at least 25%.
  2. When you hire one, you are also paying for years of remodeling experience. It goes without saying that before you hire someone for the job, you would need to look into their background. The more accomplished their resumé, the better your chance of getting quality work.
  3. Because a homeowner will be investing a bit of money into such a project, an experienced contractor may actually save you some here and there. They will know the exact quantity of each component needed in the job. Someone who has no experience who will only go by estimating. This could mean paying for more later on and ending up with unwanted and unnecessary leftovers.
  4. Experience will also equate to a safer environment around the work area. Contractors are bound by their license to exercise safe practices. They will make sure that no tools or dangerous objects are lying around when they pack up for the day. This is especially important when you have little children running around your household. Kids or not, it is mandatory that the premises be kept safe.

Even the handiest of homeowners may overlook some of the little things that could cause an accident later on. This is due mainly to having very little or no experience at all in home remodeling. On the opposite end, the experience that a contractor brings is an intangible that you pay for along with the … Read More..

Why is Kitchen Remodeling So Expensive?

A major renovation could set you back over $100,000 and even a minor remodeling job in the kitchen can quickly add up to $20,000. There are major expenses related to new cabinetry and counter tops as well as appliances and flooring. That is just the materials and does not even begin to include the labor costs of installing the materials and the prep work that may be needed to get the job started.

One of the big factors in determining how expensive the remodeling job is going to be is the age of the home. Retrofitting old homes with new materials can be very time consuming and therefore, costly. Most contractors want to come in and gut the old kitchen and start over. This means ripping out the cabinets and flooring to make it easier to do the electrical work and plumbing that goes with a project of this magnitude. The trouble with starting over though is that some of the potential problems are not discovered until you get all of the old stuff out.

If you have ever gone to replace an old bathroom sink, then you probably have discovered that once you replace one piece of pipe a leak develops in an old piece somewhere else. It is always best to replace all of the pieces at once. The same holds true for kitchen remodeling jobs, all new plumbing fixtures need to be installed. The same goes for electrical connections. When you have the kitchen gutted, is the time to put in new outlets to serve the major appliances. In an older home it is best to install a whole new circuit to serve the kitchen and avoid overloading an existing one. Odds are you are going to want more outlets on the counter as well plus this is the time to run the wires for lighting that can be installed under the cabinets.

If you have been in your home for any period of time there are probably a number of annoying things that you have thought about changing in your kitchen, like the lighting and outlets. It might be that you just don’t like the flow of the room and want to change the location of the appliances. This is achieved much easier when the room is gutted. Perhaps you have always wanted a center island or a breakfast counter for coffee , now is the time to add it. Yes, all of these things will add to the cost of the project but remember what you spend fixing up your kitchen is going to add to the overall value of your home.

It does not make sense to scrimp when you are remodeling the kitchen because it is a project that you do not want to repeat any time soon. If necessary, take another six months or a year to save to be able to afford to get the kitchen just the way you want it. Yes, kitchen remodeling projects can be very expensive but … Read More..

Planning With Low Kitchen Remodeling Prices

So you want to remodel your kitchen, however, you are worried about the costs. There’s no need to worry though, since you’ll find cheap kitchen remodeling prices everywhere! Let’s talk about kitchen remodeling without the high cost.

The first thing you should do is to have a good remodeling plan. This way you get to have an idea of what your kitchen might look like in the end. This will also prevent you from purchasing materials you might not need after all.

Cabinetry is usually what makes up a huge part of any kitchen. You should think about what you can do with the existing cabinetry instead of replacing it. You won’t have to worry about costly kitchen remodeling prices if you just refinish.

You can paint on every wooden cabinet to make a complete change. Metal cabinets can still be painted on, but make sure you use the appropriate type of paint for metal surfaces. Applying another color on your cabinets can already transform your whole kitchen. An idea would be to create your own textures by glazing your cabinets or distressing the wooden faade of your cabinets for that old age look.

Kitchen remodeling prices are quite low when shopping for fresh cabinet handles, doors and drawer fronts. When you replace parts instead of whole furnishings, this doesn’t take too much of your time. It also doesn’t take out too much from the bank.

A very simple way to transform your entire kitchen is by coating your walls with new paint. Paints are so affordable and with just these materials, you can give your kitchen a bit of personality. To add interest, simply paint a single wall in your kitchen with a bold color such as forest green, crimson red and sunny yellow. For an elegant look, simply use a monochromatic color scheme, or a palette using one color with varying shades.

Add moldings to your walls to create more change. These are really easy to install yourself. You can apply moldings with a decorating applicator to a strip of wood. There are lots of methods in making moldings online.

Changing your faucet can make a great deal of change to your whole kitchen. This is definitely more affordable than breaking your kitchen walls! Faucets are tagged with affordable kitchen remodeling prices. There are lots of materials to choose from that won’t break your bank, such as chrome finishes. A slight increase in pricing can get you some nice enamel coating.

You can install a new serving island but this can take ages. A table is so easy to add on to your kitchen. In addition to that, shops offer very inexpensive kitchen remodeling prices for tables since their materials now vary a lot. Keep in mind storage and buy a table with more drawers and cabinets.

Sometimes all it takes is lighting to improve your kitchen. Lighting fixtures usually don’t have very high kitchen remodeling prices. Halogen and accent lights can actually make your kitchen space appear … Read More..