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Quartz Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling

Anytime you have a chance to look around the different home improvement shops try to go back to Sears to see what their options are on the different countertops too.  You had been in the market to update your bathroom and wanted to replace the old counter top with a Quartz countertop.  One of the nice features of quartz is it is scratch resistant, non-porous; it is considered a contemporary style.  To date you have found that the price range is about the same for granite and quartz countertops. 

At this point, it has come down to a personal preference and your choice was for the quartz countertop.

A quartz counter top, quartz is known as an “engineered stone, ” and is made by combining just over ninety percent quartz (an element in granite) with resin and pigments in a process that binds the medium permanently.  What does this mean for you?   This man-made countertop has similar properties to granite, such as: heat, scratch and chemical resistance.   Keep in mind that even though quartz like granite is very tough it can be damaged with extreme heat; remember to use a trivet for hot pans.

A quartz countertop is perfect for the kitchen countertops, he top of a kitchen island, any bathroom in your home, and even a wet bar or table in your wine cellar.  Quartz countertops are very easy to clean with hot water and a sponge.  Regularly using soapy water is not recommended for cleaning the countertop because of the residue that will build up.  It will leave the quartz countertop with a dull film.

Sears Remodeling Services asks that you to consider them if you would like to have a home improvement project completed.  They would like the opportunity to come out and provide you an estimate on what you are considering having done in your home.  Their work is completed by professional contractors and they are available to meet and discuss your needs and walk you through any process you would like to discuss.  Sears even offers flexible financing if this is an option you would like to take advantage of for your remodeling project. 

This does not mean that you have to use their financing, but it is a nice option to have it available to you. 

Your project will be handled by licensed Sears’s contractors, your quartz countertop will be installed quickly and safely plus Sears’s warranties and guarantees customer satisfaction until the job is completed.  This is something that everyone should offer to their customers.  The next time you are thinking of replacing your countertops, you may want to consider using quartz as an option and Sears home improvement services to complete the project.  In the end, you will be satisfied with your new countertops and the new look it will provide your home.… Read More..

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