Whether you have carpet or not, you will need to clean your stairs in the best way you can possibly afford to. This will require you to have a gadget that can penetrate to areas and corners that other cleaning option can’t access. It’s like we’re all in harmony that vacuum cleaners fit the bill for this duty but we need to choose.  There are cordless and corded vacuum cleaners for stairs, here’s where we must come up with right pick.

There are numerous factors that you must put into consideration before finally landing into your ideal choice. The factors include; weight, price, accessibility to the hidden spots, battery to be used and a host of other factors.

Are cordless really ideal for cleaning?

The discovery of this easy to use device played a huge boost to the mechanism and speediness cleanliness of many homesteads. The device has the ability to get rid of the top layer of dust in any surface. However, the amount of dust that it can remove isn’t high and this brings the question about its efficiency. If we are to compare this device with traditional corded cleaner, then the later would be ideal for quality duty.  Ordinary vacuum cleaners have the ability to remove up to 80% of total dust while this only manages 47%. The main reason why we buy cleaners is to achieve maximum cleanliness of our floors and stairs.

Can you carry cordless vacuum cleaner with ease?

The answer is affirmative. The device is lighter than the ordinary vacuum cleaners by almost half. Most cordless devices weigh less than 3Kg while ordinary ones weigh up to 7Kg. This makes it very easy to move around with it in the area you’re cleaning. When you buy this device you buy this device, you’ll be sure nearly everyone will be able to carry it.

Not that pocket-friendly but durable

With the amazing innovation that’s used to manufacture the device, you can’t expect to get it at low prices. Most ordinary vacuum cleaners sell at $100 while the cordless will double that. This means that the device is much affordable for a device that has revolutionized cleaning industry.

When talking about durability, battery’s life comes into sharp focus. Most batteries can up to 40 minutes during cleaning exercise. However, if you go an extra cost, you can acquire changeable batteries that can ensure your continued cleaning.  The problem with the device can be frequent maintenance that can prove costly in the long end.

Other outstanding benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners

With this device, your cleanliness isn’t restricted only to the stairs but to many other sections that require cleaning. You can clean the entire floor and it can be equally helpful in cleaning your car.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are smaller in sizes than the ordinary cleaners thus easy to store. The small size also ensures that only a little space will be consumed for storage. In addition, the device won’t require you to be closer to power sockets to use it. Furthermore, you won’t rely on the length of the cord to determine the vastness of your cleaning.


The invention of cordless vacuum has massively modernized home cleaning mechanisms making it easier than the ordinary cleaners. However, this revolutionized status comes at an additional cost and regular maintenance.

The device will ensure dual cleaning and by larger extension let you clean the whole floor and your car. The level of its penetration to the cleaned section is broader than the corded cleaner but the cleaning effectiveness is low. It upon you to choose the vacuum cleaner that suits you well.