Introduction To Kitchen Design

Once upon a time the kitchen was a place that was used only for food preparation, storage and clean-up. Today it has become an important room of the house where not only cooking takes place, but is a hub of activity where you can entertain guests. This is why the kitchen design is very important where you have to keep both appeal and convenience when you are planning your kitchen remodeling.

One of the latest designs in kitchen remodeling lies in opening the kitchen into an adjacent space. This means that a “great room” is designed, where a kitchen is combined with a family or living room. Of course, this is accomplished by removing the wall in between the two rooms.

By opening your kitchen into another room, you make both the kitchen and the other room look more spacious. Moreover, you can easily show off the latest kitchen cabinetry, appliances and cabinetry that you use in your kitchen with an open kitchen. Opening up the kitchen also reduces your kitchen remodeling costs, where you may only have to bear the expenses of extra cabinetry.

When designing your kitchen, remember that it is hub of household activity; so make sure that it is well lit and has open places. The size and design of the kitchen should basically conform to the lifestyle of your family and how you use your kitchen for cooking, eating and entertaining.

As the kitchen fits numerous roles, it is better and important that its size increases with the number of roles it fits into. This is because the function and style of the kitchen greatly influences the kitchen design. You can consider using kitchen equipment that are furniture style in your kitchen design as they are very popular in kitchen remodeling through development of kitchen islands.

You can make your kitchen cabinets resemble furniture with legs or bun feet, moldings, corbels and onlays. Today’s cabinet doors are usually made of solid hardwoods where maple and cherry are the more popular choices. With regards to finishes, light and medium finishes are popular while there looks to be a slight inclination towards deep and rich browns in the near future as it creates a formal look to the kitchen.

Today’s kitchen remodeling tends to incorporate more of individual and freestanding pieces of furniture rather than the built in form of furniture. This is to make it possible to incorporate features from heirloom quality furniture that have glazed, distressed and antique finishes.

Another recent change in kitchen designs is the introduction of cast iron and stainless steel under mounted sinks which gives a smooth and clean look when blending into with other modern designs. These sinks are not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and easy to install. The absence of a sink rim and lip to collect water, dirt and crumbs are the other advantages of using under mounted sinks when you are planning your kitchen remodeling.

In addition to this, there have also been other changes in kitchen remodeling based on the kitchen countertops, modern appliances, and an increase in the thickness of cabinet doors as well as using drawers to store pans and pots. You just have to use your imagination while keeping your budget in mind, to create an outstanding and interesting kitchen design.