Nowadays numerous design tools are used worldwide to speed up the process and encourage people to take part in kitchen planning or express their kitchen design ideas in a visual way.

In some online kitchen planners or kitchen online planners users can design only in 2D-mode and then switch to the view in 3D, like in HomeStyler. Other 3d kitchen planners and closet planner, like IKEA, include only furniture they produce.

Kitchen Planner Online

But if you are searching for a design tool with custom or bespoke kitchen cabinets available and looking real in 3D, you might also like to use 3D Kitchen planner online by PRODBOARD. There you can see at once what the kitchen will look like even before the order.

In this kitchen design solution “everything” is possible, almost all is customizable: from wall and floor decor to appliances of any brand, all types of utilities, design elements, etc. Room size as well as dimensions of kitchen cabinets can be selected or entered in manual way, so you can always furnish your kitchen no matter how big or small it is.

Drag and drop function makes it easier to create a kitchen design project. All you have to do is just to select items you like and put the where you like in your online kitchen project. The 3D planning tool is so simple to use that all family members can do their bit inside a kitchen project and then see different variations of it. It’s even possible to open doors and drawers and see, what’s inside each cabinet by switching to the View mode at any point of the designing process.

But maybe the most important thing of the 3D kitchen planner PRODBOARD is that users can see the cost of kitchen on the screen including all details (color, facade, dimensions, hardware, additional services etc) and even print out a quote for the kitchen project.

As we can see, all is made for the welfare of people in our time, so all that is left to do is to enjoy the niceties of life. And nothing makes us feel more comfortable than the coziness of our home, where a kitchen always holds pride of place.