Tattoo removal includes many different methods, including surgery and salt solutions. Most of these methods involve cutting or scraping at your skin. Laser removal is less intrusive. It doesn’t harm your skin, so it is also less likely than other methods to cause scarring.

Instead of cutting, the laser delivers energy to the ink below your skin to break it up. The ink is then processed and taken away by the body. The treatment then depends on your own health and the strength of your body to dispose of ink.

The treatment also depends a great deal on the speed of the laser. All locations of Tataway have the Picosure laser, and in combination with the RevLite laser, they have developed the T2 protocol for tattoo removal. This utilises the strengths of both types of laser. For Philadelphia tattoo removal or New York tattoo removal contact them through their website or by calling them at (857) 284-4800.