Electrical welding is a process of grafting metal by utilizing electric power as a heat source. The material used for electric arc welding is electrode or welding wire. The electrodes will be fed by an electric current to produce an arc flame that will melt the electrode down. You must see best calgary welding shop there was amazing machine welding.

The type and range of electrodes is very large, but that does not mean you can use any kind of electrode because the use of electrodes must also be adjusted to the workpiece to be welded. Electrical welding machine itself becomes the main material needed to be able to do welding work. Like other machines, this welding machine also consists of several welding machine components that are tied to each other. For more information you can visit welding calgary

In doing welding work in addition to pay attention to the electrical welding machine parts must also pay attention to other supporting materials for welding can run well and perfect. The following are some of the equipment needed in the welding process:

  1. Las Cable

Welded wires are usually made of twisted copper and wrapped with insulating rubber. The so-called welding cable there are three kinds, namely Cable electrode, Cable time and power cable

  1. Electrode Holders

The webbed end of the electrode is clamped with the electrode holder. It consists of a mouth clamp and a holder wrapped by an insulating material.

  1. Las hammer

This hammer is used to remove and remove the welding slag on the welding path by pounding or scratching on the weld area.

  1. Wire Brush

This brush works to clean the workpiece to be welded and also to clean the welding slag that has been removed from the welding line by the blow hammer weld.

  1. Clamp mass

This is a tool for connecting the cable to the workpiece.

  1. Brace

The clamp is used to hold or move the hot workpiece after the defense.

Those are some important welding machine gear and should be provided to get maximum work. Various materials above can easily be found in on site rig welding