Giving your home a new custom kitchen or building a home addition can add to the property’s resale value, but not every home renovation holds equal appeal for home buyers, according to one prominent remodeling contractor. NARI-certified contractor with Renaissance Remodeling and Boise resident, Chad Vincent, has some suggestions for homeowners who want to get their money’s worth from remodeling projects.

“Kitchen remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home,” Vincent says, “especially if you’re in an older home with its original appliances.” Neutral colors are a good choice to appeal to prospective buyers. “Just think of those aqua 1950s counters or the harvest gold and avocado shades of the 1970s, and you’ll see how quickly fashionable colors can look dated.” By going with natural surfaces such as granite and lightly stained wood, you can update the room without locking it into a particular era. The stainless steel and tile in professional kitchens are also an inspiration for many homeowners, he adds. “A custom kitchen remodel that looks like a chef’s kitchen is a big draw for buyers who enjoy entertaining at home.”

A home addition can make your property attractive to a whole new range of buyers. “It’s easier to sell a three-bedroom home to buyers who were shopping for two bedrooms than it is to convince a family that needs three bedrooms to move into two,” says Vincent. “An attic remodel that adds another bedroom without sacrificing yard space is a hefty project, but it pays off by widening the market for your property.” 

Custom bathrooms can be a strong selling point, but Vincent cautions remodelers to look closely at what they have before making a change. “A bathroom remodel that uses the best points of your existing floor plan and surfaces can save you money and give the room timeless appeal,” he says. “If you’re lucky enough to live in an older house with a vintage Art Deco tile pattern on the floor, a skilled home remodeler can keep what you love while adding state-of-the-art elements around it.” Spa bathroom remodels that feature texture in the form of smooth glass tiles and natural dressed stone are elegant ways to update a bathroom. 

Vincent, one of remodeling magazine’s award-winning Big 50 remodeling contractors, also has tips for choosing color palettes. “When you’re preparing your home for sale, you want to invite buyers to imagine themselves in it. Neutral colors and natural finishes go with any decor and let buyers see those rooms the way they’d like to decorate them. Give buyers a great custom kitchen or master bath, and you get them excited about picturing their lives in this beautiful space.”