It looked as though ages have passed since I left my small hometown and moved to a cosmopolitan city where I set up my own family, got a very good job and settled in life overall. My parents were still living in the same place, where visited them quite frequently and never missed an opportunity to congratulate them on birthdays or special occasions. Last autumn they were about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The long period of fifty years of living together was about to come and I could not miss the opportunity to congratulate them and to arrange flower delivery to their home address

Opting for flower delivery was also a necessity as the actual anniversary was right in the middle of the week and the only tiny amount of guests were capable to come that day. I was at work just like many of my relatives and the kids at school. Therefore many of us who were to attend their house have decided to do so over the weekend. Supposedly, just like us, many people prepared some special gifts for the occasion and many would have simply congratulated them by sending a bouquet of flowers on the accrual day. That would not only represent their respect and love but also bring a wonderful atmosphere to their house, which would have kept till everyone was going to arrive for the party over the weekend.

I urgently needed to find a reliable and trusted service that was going to be chosen the delivery. Two aspects of the procedure were very important for me. First of all, the cost of the delivery must have been minimized as much as possible. Secondly, I was about to opt for same day delivery, therefore a firm should have provided such service to its customers and the terms and conditions for that should have been clearly outlined.

I have also cooperated with my cousin who was also about to come and decided to act in the same way as I planned – send flowers to them on the actual day of their anniversary. We have decided to cooperate together in order to minimize the costs of the delivery, which was a very smart and provident way of doing things. I was perfectly aware that the purchase of flowers was not a difficult procedure as I have done it a lot of time in the past, so without any worries I left everything until the very last moment and when the day of my parent’s occasion has come I got to my computer on early morning to make the purchase.

The search engine has provided me with a lot of information about the flower shops nearby. Google usually provides such queries with the map where each florist is shown on the map of the place the customers are looking for. It was very helpful, as I could have chosen the companies nearby and be redirected to their website as well as familiarize myself with the terms and conditions for the delivery then. It, therefore, did not take me a lot of time to choose the right florist to do business with.

I immediately went to the anniversary section, where at first, I decided to choose a bouquet on Vipiris on behalf of my cousin that would satisfy her needs and given in the advance description. I have chosen very bright, colorful and shiny bouquet that consisted of large pink roses, orange gerbera daisies, yellow daisies and purple statice. The bouquet was presented in glass cylinder vase, which has made it look so perfect and complete.

For myself, I have chosen a graceful composition that was made of red stem roses, red stargazer lilies, and waxflowers. The composition also contained some seasonal greens and it came together with a very nice red glass swirl vase.

I added greeting cards to both bouquets with the signatures from me and my cousin accordingly. Both gifts had additional items such as latex balloons, which were intended to bring the atmosphere of happiness to the recipients. I was almost ready so send flowers to my parents but hesitated for a while. I also decided to give a call to my cousin and to ask whether everything was right in accordance with her desire. She carefully listened to what I was saying by listing everything that was in the shopping basket and what a bouquet from her was consisted of. It looked as though she was perfectly satisfied with what I did, so we have decided to order flowers unconditionally.

My parents received the gift from us just a few hours when the order was made. My mom could not resist and have sent me a picture of the bouquet she received from me. It was an ideal reflection of what I saw on the website and was totally satisfied with the work the store has done.