Here are some types of floor with various characteristics that are often used in most homes:

  1. Floor Plaster

This type is considered the simplest and cheapest, because it is treated like when plastering the walls and mix until smooth. But the difference with the treatment on the wall is done step polishing the floor until smooth and shiny. The resulting color is the same as the cement-sand color and tends to be darker.

In some applications that are done by covering the area of space, has a weakness when the crack occurs can not be replaced with the material and must be patched. Do you Want to see more floor? you can visit Reclaimed Wall Cladding

  1. Ceramic Floor

This type of floor is very commonly used. Ceramics have high wear flexibility and can be applied to almost all parts of the house. In addition to strong, ceramic floor of the house also does not require polishing and easy to maintain. The impression of ceramic material is warm. Today a variety of ceramic textures are sold on the market, which are visually similar to other types of materials. For example: ceramic textured marble, granite, wood, stone, brick and so on.

  1. Marble Floor

Marble is much preferred because it has more character and classy luxury. Irregular textures and patterns and limited natural supplies make this material expensive. Marble material has a cold and strong impression. The weakness of marble is to have relatively large pores. Marble that is relatively large pore requires extra care. This is because the marble easily absorbs fluid and carpet-like, leaving a stain if not quickly cleaned.

  1. Granite Floor

Granite has a closer pore, so it has less possibility to enter water and dirt. Granite has the impression of cold and sturdy impression. Granite rocks are obtained from hills or granite mountains. But in line with the development of technology, now also has provided artificial granite with a motif that is more diverse and cheaper price.

  1. Wooden Floor

The most common is parquet floor (parquette), which comes from the word parquetry. Wood material has a warm and natural impression. In addition to solid wood, the current parquet material also comes from non-wood materials such as bamboo. Another type of laminate that is wood processed surface is the result of printing.