If your kitchen’s looking run down, tired, and a little bit more than just ‘retro’ there are lots of little things you can do to spruce it u and make it look brand new. You can even do it on a budget. All it’s going to take is a little bit of time and some smart spending.

Update your lighting

Unflattering, yellow light doesn’t do favours for anyone, or for any room for that matter. One way to make your kitchen look bright and fresh is to change your lights so that they properly illuminate your kitchen. Avoid deep lampshades and lampshades that block the light rather than direct it. Chandeliers, counter lights and glass pendant lights will make your kitchen look bright and modern.

Update and coordinate your appliances

Uniformity is a great modern kitchen trend that you can easily replicate. You can buy paints to freshen up the colours of your appliances or completely change them if you want them to coordinate with your kitchen. Stick to neutral and subtle colours to give your kitchen a minimalist feel and avoid. Black, white, cream and light grey are always good options, or you can buy paint-on stainless steel finish to go with every colour under the sun.

Revamp your breakfast nook

If you have a central counter or a table in your kitchen turn it into a pleasant seating area rather than just a spare surface. Some new placemats and a few chairs can make a big difference to your space. When it comes to placemats and coasters opt for something minimal. Rather than attractive colours and patterns, look for interesting materials that look good without any decoration, like slate or bamboo. For a high counter, barstools are the preferred option. If you’re looking to get them second hand, rather than the typical bar stools look for casino stools. These tend to be more comfortable and have a better aesthetic. So, you can browse online reviews on one of these stools for ages without worrying about your back.

Clear the counters

One thing that can easily make a kitchen look used and worn is cluttered counters. Make some space in one of your cupboards to store all of your small devices and gadgets that you use around the kitchen. Instead of using a knife rack that takes up counter space consider putting a magnetic strip on the wall and storing them on there. You can also install a bar to the wall behind your kitchen counters and hook your cooking utensils onto it rather than stuff them in drawers or leave them lying about on the counters. It looks neater and creative.

Turn your ingredients into decoration

If you enjoy cooking, you’ve probably got drawers and cupboards full of spices and herbs and dried ingredients. One way to clear out some space in your cupboards and clean up your kitchen is to decorate your kitchen with your ingredients. Powdered and dried ingredients can be put in uniform jars and put on a spice rack, or you could pair together some jars of different sizes and use them as a centrepiece. Fresh and interesting vegetables can be displayed instead of fruit, like artichokes and rhubarb.